UKCCD trade briefing on the cultural and audio-visual sector

The economic significance of the creative industries is equal to that of the financial sector in the UK in its contribution to GDP. However, the significance of creative industries goes far beyond economic considerations.

It is therefore of the utmost importance that the UK prioritises the needs of its creative and audio-visual industries as the country moves forward with Brexit, setting new terms for future trade with the European Union, the USA and other countries through the Trade Bill and other bi-lateral agreements.

The UKCCD gives four recommendations to achieve this. Read the recommendation and the context in our briefing.

Further to its coming into force this year, it is important to draw lessons from the relevant clauses related to cultural industries in the NAFTA/USMCA agreement between US:Canada:Mexico where ‘non-conformist measures’ have been introduced. These effectively prevent one party from making public policy changes that would alter the market status quo from the date of the agreement unless there is mutual agreement. Such clauses, in any future UK:US trade agreement, would adversely affect UK sovereignty over new public policy for the audio-visual industries.