Activities – Current

For full programme see UKCCD Aims 2020

The UKCCD is currently engaged in:

–  Brexit: campaigning to ensure benefits of European Single Market are transposed into UK legislation, in particular the provisions of the Copyright and Audio-visual Media Services Directives, to safeguard local production and a pluralistic, creative environment. Keep in touch with our website to read our key take-aways on audio-visual and Brexit under blogs, to follow in the coming days.

 Covid-19: liaising with UK partners and the International Federation of Coalitions to mitigate the economic impact on artists and cultural institutions. See the IFCCD’s summary of actions and keep in touch with our website to read our key take-aways on Covid-19 under blogs (entry: May 2020).

– Public Service Broadcasting: monitoring and influencing government plans for the future of public service broadcasting, in particular the impact of any changes on the BBC. We aim to maintain PSB as a key 21st century instrument sustaining our creative industries, local production and dissemination and the national dialogue. Read through our DCMS submission on PSB from 6 May 2020 and see Hansard Lords Debate for further information.

Monitoring Free Trade Agreements: in particular the EU Mandate for the negotiation of the Free Trade Agreement with UK and USA. Lobbying to sustain commitments to culture and diversity by excluding audio-visual and creative industries from negotiations, using a cultural exception. Please see the Trade Reports for more information.

– Culture and Development: liaising with international partners to support the inclusion of cultural goals in the post-2015-millennium development goals. This is critical in post Covid-19 era. Please refer to Culture & SDGs targets 2015 for further context.