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Cultural policy determines which stories are told and which voices are heard

UKCCD supports UNESCO’s Convention on the Diversity of Cultural Expressions, 2005. We work with the European Coalitions for Cultural Diversity, ECCD and our International Federation of Cultural Coalitions, IFCCD. We support this unique treaty, a Magna Carta for the creative industries.

  • it affirms cultural as well as economic value in international law;
  • it promotes global co-operation and exchange for artists and their works;
  • it gives artists and cultural organisations a key role in sustainable development;
  • it recognises civil society’s role in achieving its goals and gives our organisations rights of representation.

UKCCD advises and lobbies at national and international level on cultural policy with the aim of implementing the aims of UNESCO’s Convention:

  • advising government and UK Commission for UNESCO on the Convention;
  • monitoring transposition of EU legislation for cultural & audio-visual sectors;
  • monitoring the impact of UK cultural policy on the cultural sector;
  • supporting the principles of public service broadcasting;
  • monitoring Artificial Intelligence and its effect on cultural diversity;
  • advocating to keep audiovisual and other relevant cultural sectors out of trade agreements to allow local cultural sovereignty in public policy;
  • representing civil society for UK and European region at UNESCO meetings;
  • lobbying and liaising with over 600 cultural organisations through our International (IFCCD) and European (ECCD) Federations.

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Chair, Carole Tongue                             Executive Director, Holly Aylett

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