European Audiovisual Observatory’s new legal report

Report looks at how European legislation helps the Member States promote European content.

Since the AVMSD, all European countries have introduced a 30% quota for European works in SVOD catalogues. Seven countries have also introduced sub-quotas for national works (France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Slovenia, Poland and Hungary).
In addition to France, the study highlights another example of good practice: French-speaking
Belgium, where the quota of European works will increase every year for five years (2021-2026),
reaching 40% by the end of the period.

European works account for 32% of SVOD catalogues in Europe. Of this 32%, 21% are EU works and
11% are works from countries covered by the Convention on Transfrontier Television. The latter still applies in the UK, whilst the AVMSD does not.

To read the full AEO’s report, on their website here.