Keeping Benefits of EU Single Market

UKCCD is working with partners to keep benefits for UK’s arts/creative industries in any future negotiations with the EU. These include:

    • Membership of the EU Creative Europe programme
    • Safeguarding the mobility of artists
    • Access to the EU single market
    • Keeping measures supporting a well-resourced public service broadcasting sector and a strong well-funded BBC
    • Transposing measures from the revised 2018 Audio-visual Media Services Directive into UK law in order to safeguard a sustainable environment for production and dissemination of national/EU programmes/films and their visibility/discoverability online and offline
    • Transposition of the 2019 Copyright directive into UK law
    • Regulation to keep the Internet an inclusive, neutral space
    • Regulation to ensure that Artificial Intelligence promotes, not diminishes, cultural diversity


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