UKCCD at Discoverability Forum

The forum took place at the European Parliament on 8th November.

The emphasis of the day was that discoverability is under-addressed given its great practical significance. As Tom Chatfield, author and tech philosopher, put it: Above all, it is about the relationship between creators and their audience, with all the mutuality and reciprocity that particular words suggest. A healthy, plural, democratic society needs flourishing relationships between creators, their audience, and their culture; and it’s a grave misunderstanding of these relationships and the creative process to reduce everything to decontextualised data.

Crucially, what emerges is the way in which streaming platforms are mediating what our audiences see and therefore in a leading position in matters of inclusivity and diversity of expression. Therefore, the latter needs regulations on prominence and discoverability, ideally through the next revision of the AVMS direction, which UK is still party to.