A call to invest in all our creative futures

Over 40 of Europe’s celebrated creators have signed a letter to the EU institutions recalling the damage wreaked by Covid-19 on the arts/culture and creative industry sectors. They call on Europe’s decision makers to make available sufficient funds to ensure this part of Europe’s heritage and economy can survive and thrive.

In their words….“As creators and professionals from the sector, we call on the EU leaders to be bold and to invest in culture and the arts, to invest in all our creative futures. We need a plan that revives our cultural ecosystem and inspires the next generation of Europeans. This means providing the financial resources at a level which will allow art, culture, cultural and creative enterprises, creators and creative workers to continue their work, to survive and thrive into the future. “

If you can add your signature to this letter, please get in touch with us on ukccd1@gmail.com